Our Story

Raw 101 is the outgrowth of the healthy lifestyle of its founders.  Their healthy, fun, and active lifestyle is now being shared with the local community.  A healthy body should be the basis for all that we do.  Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality variety of juices you will not find anywhere.  By high quality we mean natural juices that are filled with optimum nutrients and pleasing to the taste. They are both nutritious and delicious.  These are blended juices in their purest form.  This means raw fresh juice filled with natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients. We are proud to showcase a variety of specialty drinks at our Roseville store.  We encourage you to visit us and try our products.  Your body will thank you, and you will be pleased when you find out that we are everything we say we are.

Check out our product list to see all that we offer, and join us at our juice bar to try some of our specialty drinks.   Share with us in the convenience of drinking a variety of fresh high quality fruit and vegetable juices at Raw 101.


Our mission is to feed your mind, body, and soul with high nutrition.  We accomplish this with a premium recipe of raw natural juices of the highest quality, and at the same time very delicious. Let us educate you to many health saving alternatives to your diet.  We can also get you started on an internal juice cleanse.  We want to give back to the community by enriching the health, vitality, and energy of our customers. We help you find the secret to a long living healthy lifestyle with our list of specialty juices.

Raw 101 takes pride in what we do knowing that our body will greatly benefit from our juice products.  By sharing our products with you, Raw 101 can fulfill its mission of helping you regain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This takes place as your body adjusts to this natural juice supplement.  Join with us at our juice bar, and also take some bottles home with you.


Jean was a small business entrepreneur caught in the middle of the demands of running a business with time as a precious commodity. A practice of eating unhealthy fast food on the run eventually tapped his energy level and soon affected his overall health.  A close friend made a suggestion that changed his life.  The friend suggested that Jean use cold pressed juicing of fruits and vegetables to help juice cleanse his body of toxins and restore his vitality and energy level.  His transformation to a better way of living was so significant that he decided to share it with others.  This led to the formation of a partnership with Lori and Raw 101 was born.  Now, many, and hopefully you, enjoy and consume these high quality delicious juices on a frequent basis.

Lori created Raw 101 after an extensive background in the beauty industry.  She has worked with top beauty experts in several large metropolitan cities of the U.S.  Lori quickly realized the value of natural beauty.  Natural beauty begins on the inside, and then radiates on the outside.  Natural beauty reduces the need for beauty products that mask skin deficiencies.  Realizing that we are what we eat, she was drawn to create Raw 101 and its high quality nutritional juices cold pressed from organic fruits and vegetables that feed our body in a most favorable way.

Her keen sense of taste led her to develop the delicious assortment of premium juice drinks.  As the Creative Director of Raw 101 she is a living testament that Raw 101 is an important beauty secret for each of us.  We can and should follow Lori’s lead and use Raw 101’s juices to create an aura of optimum health and beauty.


Dani is a smoothie fanatic. So Cal native, raised in the bay area he loves volleyball and skateboarding. Pineapple crazy Fr-02 is his favorite juice.

Sage is 100% vegan and a juice lover. Future nutritionist who dreams of living in SoCal, hopes to soon master the art of homemade hummus. Her favorite juice is R-01.

Alex is vegan and a tea lover. Future holistic doctor with a passion for all things French she dreams of living in France. Her favorite nut milk is M-01.

Jackie is 100% Vegan and has an infatuation with coffee and the city life. She enjoys days out with friends, eating healthy, and animal friendly foods. Her favorite juice is R-03.

Emily is a CSUS student and future elementary school teacher. Loves to travel and do volunteer work. She dreams of becoming an international teacher on our US defense bases. Emily’s favorite juice is Fr-01.

Jovanna is a CSUS student and future prenatal nutritionist. You can find her on a hiking trail for she has a slight obsession in finding waterfalls. She hopes to one day eat an entire watermelon in one sitting and her favorite juice is R-01.