Located in the northern California city of Roseville, Raw 101 is creating some of the most delicious and highly nutritious organic fruit and vegetable juices in the area. Juicing is a process of extracting not only the juice, but also soluble fiber from fruits and vegetables. Raw 101 uses only high quality organic fruits and vegetables. We bottle our juice in glass bottles. This eliminates the Dioxin and BPA found in plastic bottles and most importantly, we use a special cold pressed juicing process to maximize the nutritional value of the nutrients found in the drink. After a careful study of blending our juices, we have developed a variety of juices of premium quality with irresistible taste. Raw 101 is the place to revitalize your body, increase your energy level, begin a juice cleanse, and feed your body optimum nutrients. Our founders want to share this healthy way of living with you. So come and visit us to experience our specialty juices. A healthy body leads to a healthy lifestyle.

I am hooked and definitely recommend it to anyone. You can sample any juices you like before purchasing it. Their bottles are amazing too. Helen K.
Great Service! Quick and positive experience! All the Cold Pressed Juice is 100% Organic and I absolutely love the modern look of the store. Ivy N.
Delicious, organic, refreshing, and healthy! Angela M.


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Cold Press Juicing Vs. Conventional Juicing

Juicing is a great way to add much needed vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients to your everyday diet from fruits and vegetables.  The cold pressed juicing process gets the most out of the produce over the conventional juicing process.  A conventional juicer uses a high speed blade which chops the fruit or vegetables, and then spins it against a metal filter.  This circular force spins the juice from the pulp.  The spinning produces heat which destroys some of the nutrients which reduces the nutritional value of the juice.  The heat also oxidizes nutrients making them even less nutritious than the cold pressed juicing process.

The cold pressed juicing process not only produces more juice from the fruits and vegetables , but it also gets the most nutrients out of the juice as possible.  It preserves the vitamins like  A and C, enzymes, and other nutrients that our body needs.  This juice with its concentrated nutrients and soluble fiber absorb quickly, and are more easily digested.

Raw 101 utilizes the cold pressed juicing process to produce a tastier and more nutritious juice. When you combine our policy of bottling the juice in glass bottles and only using organic fruits and vegetables, Raw 101 is providing our customers with some of the finest fresh juice on the market.